“It’s time to ban pregnancy” – American Activist declares

“It’s time to ban pregnancy” – American Activist declares

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A feminist and human rights activist on Twitter, Titania McGrath caused on a stir on the social networking platform when she took to it to declare that pregnancy has to be banned.

According to Titania, there is nothing natural about reproduction as it’s a form of torture which has been imposed on women by their male slave masters for centuries.

Titania’s stance has people questioning what her state of mind was at the time she sent in the tweet, wondering maybe she was on cheap drugs — others took to mocking her tweet by saying things like “I agree. We need to ban pregnancy. Future Generations will thank us for our forward thinking.”

Titania’s tweet reads,

Centuries of patriarchal tyranny have normalised the tradition of women giving birth.

There is nothing natural about reproduction. It is a form of torture imposed on women by their male slave masters.

It’s time to ban pregnancy.

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