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  1. Michael Onumajuru says:

    The chief editor newsdesk najalog,
    i will send you copy letter from the prime minister of the United Kingdom and the minister of worrks and pension. In fact, if you read the colum of British local news paper called Ham&High you will see by yourself how mr Onadeko use all means to rebuffed my existance, and to unsit me.
    The main objective of British Government to distance me was purely based on my person as a black man trying to exposed the illgot of white company in Great Britain on new black slavery of the century. These company oversees the Traffic Warden in United Kingdom and had staff of over 4000, and contributed much to sponsoring British politicians. If i were white and had greatly alarm British government, i would have labbled a hero of the nation.
    Again, british government are not exemption of punitive, for history shall vindicate the just, and the end to my journey will justify the means. Surely, the window will be opened for light to shine.
    Yours sincerely,
    Michael onumajuru

  2. I like to advertise my book, do review, and interview. Brief me on how to go about it. Thanks!

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