Lady confused, not sure if she has paid her N1.3 million rent for next year

Lady confused, not sure if she has paid her N1.3 million rent for next year

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I’m a bit confused on the status of my house rent for next year ? A client saw my reviews on, all 5 stars and excellent, he contacted me and we agreed on N90k, only for him to give me his address and it turned out to be my landlord’s house.

Being a decent girl, I refused initially, I didnt want to give ideas to my landlord. However after much plead, as a Christian I gave in.

On first meet, he paid me my N90k. However on realising I am his tenant, he started to see me most nights, and early mornings. At times as early as 4am. After spending the night, he will not pay me, rather he would ask me to deduct each 90k from 20/21 house rent. Although the morning 1hr services, he mostly paid me that in cash @ 30k naira.

Now, In the last two month, my landlord has had 14 nights plus 3 hours services, which he asked me to deduct from the next year’s house rent.
N90k x 14 nights= N1.26Million
Plus the 3 hours @ N30k x 3= N90k
Total = 1.26M + 90k = N1.35 M .

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So effectively, my landlord has consummated N1.35Million worth of happiness and joy.
Now, my house rent is 1.3Million. So last night when he asked me deduct it. I made it known to him that the next year’s rent is finished. That he now owe me 50k.

After a bit of ungentlemanly hesitation. He first asked me to start deducting it from 2021/2022 house rent. But I refused. He then finally gave me the 50k in cash. Please dont get me wrong, I am not an olosho, or a home breaker, I am a professional. I actually work in an office in VI, just that I also have a side hustle as an Independent escort on a very Posh, Reputable, Secured and Wealthy online marketplace, called .
It works for me I don’t complain. Please be kind on me and dont judge me harshly.

Now, back to my landlord;

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How do I get a receipt ?
How do I get the landlord’s solicitor to sign that I have paid the next year’s rent.? Would it be wise to let the landlord start dipping into the 2021/2022 house rent? Lots of thoughts and worries. Please I don’t want this rent to enter Audio…

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