IK Ogbonna Ex, Sonia Morales Advises Women Not To Marry For Love But For Money

IK Ogbonna Ex, Sonia Morales Advises Women Not To Marry For Love But For Money

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Few Years ago when IK Ogbonna first brought his Colombian wife to Nigeria she was heads over heels in love with him, the pair were engages in various public display of affection and we have Sonia cooking and eating “fufu” with the love of her life, IK Ogbonna.

Their relationship started on the internet through instant messages, fast forward 3 years down the line, things have changed significantly. It would appear Sonia has found a new definition for love, because since her split from IK Ogbonna, she has been embarking on luxurious vacations that is way beyond her financial scope, she is essentially living a jet life with various shopping bag in all of her photos, she even changed her biography to include “World Traveller” as part of her occupation! How interesting right? Today she sent out a cryptic message, advising women to love themselves and marry for money and not for love, see her message below:

“Seek for Love, but not in others. Look for it within yourself and you will find magic , light, kindness, joy, peace, forgiveness and so much moreWhat they never told us is that our relationship with this entire world is just a reflection of relationship we have with ourselves. You are an Universe on its own, you are whole, you are enough: Fix yourself up and you will never have a problem with anyone else.”

More photos below:

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