Excuses Your Man Gives When He’s Not Ready To Commit

Excuses Your Man Gives When He’s Not Ready To Commit

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Excuses, excuses, excuses. That’s the one way of avoiding things you don’t want to do or you’re too scared to do. That’s also a way to figure out when someone isn’t all that into you. However some men are so good at giving excuses that you don’t  even realize that you’re being stalled.

Here are some excuses that men give when they’re not ready to commit.

I want to focus on my career

This is one of the main excuses men give. They make it seem like nothing can happen unless they get their careers in place. The thing however is that everyone always need to improve it their career, it a continuous ladder to the top. So basically, what he is trying go tell you is that his career is more important than a relationship with you.

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Let’s just enjoy what we have

This is one of the laziest and most disrespectful excuses ever. Basically what he is saying is he cannot be bothered with the effort  and responsibilities that come with having a label. He doesn’t want to rock the boat because that would mean that he has to step up, something he has no plans of ever doing. Agreeing to this would give the perfect opportunity to use the phrase ‘After all you’re not my girlfriend’. Ouch!

I have baggage and I don’t want to mess you up

Who doesn’t have baggage these days? Everyone who is anyone has one thing or the other from their past that has clouded their perspective on things. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing. What is bad is using your past experience as an excuse to not take charge of your life. It’s pathetic that some guys hide behind their experiences when they can take charge and move past it.

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I don’t want to ruin our friendship

Some people are friends before they become lovers. Others like the friendship just as it is and don’t want to change things. This might mean that he values you as a friend but doesn’t see you as a lover. You might need to go find your lover elsewhere… just saying.


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