Any girl who takes Kiddwaya’s advances seriously is in for a long ride

Any girl who takes Kiddwaya’s advances seriously is in for a long ride

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After everyone had gone to bed, Nengi and Ozo had their usual rendezvous. Ozo pressing forward, Nengi retreating. Trust me, this was so interesting to watch, because she indirectly rebuffed all his advances.

On the other side of the garden was Wathoni and BrightO, she was kind of confiding in him about her interactions with Kiddwaya and how he makes a lot of hints to her. Bright adviced her to go ahead and make a move on Kiddwaya.

For me, it will all end in tears with Kiddwaya because that boy is obviously just having his fun and any of these girls that takes his advances seriously is settling herself up for a very great disappointment.


Billions. Fine face. Chest and six packs. Billions again.What’s there not to stan? Oh did i mention British accent?

These and many more readily come to mind and head when you see Kiddwaya or hear him talk.

Ever since my guy, Kiddwaya opened up about his wealthy background, Nengi just de do gum body. You can literally see how she mischievously slid under Kidd’s duvet the other day. Nengi, we see you dear.

You also noticed how he was openly flirting with Nengi while Ozo looks on. He knew that Ozo had a thing for Nengi.

These are some of the conversations he and other housemates had had in the house.

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Wathoni: Flight ticket to Kenya is expensive?

Kiddywaya: How much?

Wathoni: 180k

Kiddwaya: naira?

Nengi: How much was the jet?

Kiddywaya : Jet?

Wathoni: Yes.. Jet.. The one that flew you here…

Kiddwaya: Ohhh, 8k dollars from Abuja to Lagos …

The girls were left in ‘wonderment’

Kiddwaya making promises to the girls.

KiddWaya to Erica: I’d like to take you to London when we leave the house.

KiddWaya to Wathoni: I’d like to have a baby girl with you. Her name will be Leila

Kiddwaya to Lucy: Our daughter will be called Lucita.

Kiddwaya to Nengi: I want to buy you diamond rings from Botswana

What’s funny is that, he doesn’t remember when he says these things but the ladies have it printed in their heart.

To me, Kiddwaya came to big Brother house to flex. The other day, he was asking Praise when they are leaving the house. This tells you that he is not even in the house for the money.

So if any of the girls in the house thinks that he will for her, she better be settling herself for disappointment because it will definitely end in hot tears…premium tears.

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