300 Level ‘School Father’ and 4 Other Students Beat Up a 100 Level Female student

300 Level ‘School Father’ and 4 Other Students Beat Up a 100 Level Female student

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A group of FUTA students were caught on camera beating a female 100 level student mercilessly in her room.

About 5 FUTA students, one male and 4 females ganged up against a female student, Bimpe, accusing her of saying something she was not supposed to which quickly resulted in her getting the beating of her life.

They cornered her in a room, with the only means of escape blocked by one of the students. The bullies begin by aggressively ordering her to “kneel down”. They all held cables and mop sticks as they asked her to go on her knees. At first, Bolu laughs and doesn’t obey them. Enraged, the only boy in their midst slaps her across the face multiple times, then begins to flog her all over with a cable. The lady holding a wooden mop stick then uses the stick on Bolu too. Soon, others join in, all of them hitting Bolu at the same time as she asks, “What did I do?”

At some point, the women try to pull off Bolu’s shirt. One of the women carrying out the assault was referred to as “Bimpe” in the video. The video of the assault lasted for about two minutes  At the end of the video was a warning to 100 level students to watch their mouth.
According to reports, the male FUTA student came to assault the female student with his school daughter (one of the girls in the video) who allegedly called him to help deal with the lady who she had a misunderstanding with in school.

The video which is now going viral is yet to be traced but the last message reads; 100 lvl students watch how you run your mouths.

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According to online reports, one of the female bullies had an issue with Bolu and she reported to her school father. It was the boy who then led the assault on Bolu. Bolu, a 100 Level Ecotourism and Wildlife Management student of the Federal University of Technology, Akure, was severely injured in the attack and is receiving treatment.

The video has generated outrage and Nigerians are calling for all the attackers to be found and punished. Watch the shocking video below.

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