Top 5 Restaurants In Lagos

Top 5 Restaurants In Lagos

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In this article, we bring to you the Top 5 restaurants in Lagos. These are places you won’t want to miss and you definitely won’t regret your stay there. I have only been to two of them but I’m looking forward to more you know, till money fills up my pocket *wella. These restaurants have one of the best meals and dines you can’t just wait to try. I urge you guys out there to take your ladies on a romantic dinner in one of the restaurants, and I assure she wouldn’t leave your side. As for the ladies, picking up your handbags to any of these restaurants after a day’s work with your girl clique isn’t a bad idea at all. Join me as I introduce to you, one of the top best restaurants in Lagos.


HANS AND RENE: it is ranked almost 5 star rating, it is one of the few places located at Victoria Island Lagos where you can find dairy products, frozen treats and appetizers.

R. S. V. P Lagos: it is also located at Victoria Island Lagos and Serve the best finger licking dinners; prawns, potatoes, bloody Mary cocktail, chili, etc.

HARD ROCK CAFÉ: it is a good spot and one of the great weekend hangouts for some of you. It has American menu, great service and valued food. Not only is it a restaurant, it is also a chilling place, has it’s swimming pool, serves the best burger, has a live band.

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SHERLATON INDIAN RESTAURANT: very vegetarian friendly and Asian restaurant but main focus is on India.

OCEAN BASKET: as the name implies, it got lots of seafood meals, calamari, fries, bread, cake, rice and lots more. It is one of the top restaurants for sea food.

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