Teenage girl commits suicide after her friends asked her to kill herself

Teenage girl commits suicide after her friends asked her to kill herself

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Davia Emelia commit suicide at her home in Sarawak, Malaysia, after 69 per cent of participants in the poll voted in favour of her dying.

The 16-year-old was found dead at the foot of a three-storey shop around 8pm on Tuesday.

The schoolgirl had run a poll on the photo-sharing app with the question ‘Really Important, Help Me Choose D/L’, only hours prior to her death.
Her cousin shared a photo hours later on the Davia’s Instagram story showing a body on the ground surrounded by officers and taped off. ‘Just now you guys voted for D and this happened… happy now?,’ the post was captioned.

A neighbour told local media Davia was ‘studious and rarely seen without a book in her hand’. Bolhassan said Davia had posted a message on Facebook prior to the Instagram post which read: ‘WANNA QUIT F****** LIFE I’M TIRED.’ Her depression seemed to stem from the fact that her stepfather had married a Vietnamese woman and seldom returned home, Bolhassan added according to news site Astro Awani.

Instagram reviewed the teenager’s account and found that the online poll, which ran over a 24-hour period, ended with 88% percent votes for ‘L’, said Wong Ching Yee, Instagram’s head of communications in the Asia-Pacific.


Aidil, however, said that the poll’s numbers may have changed after news of the girl’s death spread. .

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