Reasons Why The Guy You Are Crushing On Hasn’t Notice You

Reasons Why The Guy You Are Crushing On Hasn’t Notice You

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It can be somewhat frustrating, annoying and heart breaking when you crush on someone and the person doesn’t seem to look your way, despite all the pointers. 

Most girls have been here and done this, so please don’t feel too stressed. Truth is, maybe you have been going about it the wrong way or he is not just interested in you, however, the best way to go about this, is just move on…

But sometimes, you’d feel a lot better knowing why he’s ignoring you. So if you’re looking for signs on why he doesn’t like you back or never notices you, here are some reasons:

Trying Too Hard To Impress Him: Truth is men like to chase and when you appear too cheap to them,it turns them off.

You Are Not His Type: There’s really nothing you can do about this. All guys have their preferences where choosing a woman or lady is concerned. Either height, size, complexion, the way she packs her hair and it could even be the way she eats. So please, don’t change yourself for any guy who won’t accept you the way you are.

He Sees You As Just A Friend: As much as this is killing, if a guy sees you as just another female friend he talks with openly and doesn’t have to impress, you have been friend-zoned. Also, if he talks to you about other girls he likes, just move on…

You Are Too Clingy: Trust me when a guy sees that a girl is too clingy, doesn’t give him breathing space to even decide if he wants a relationship or you push his friends away by always craving for his attention, or even being too dependent on him, this freaks the hell out of him. Guys hate the idea of girls being too clingy, at least 30% of them do.

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Afraid Of Commitment: He’s probably just got out of a terrible relationship where he suffered a lot and is  not ready to commit yet. Or maybe he’s just not ready to be committed. No matter how hard you try, you cannot force someone to be ready for what they are not ready for.

He Has Unreasonable High Standards: Some guys have very high opinions about themselves and have unreasonable demands and expectations from their prospective girlfriend. Forget about this guy, he’ll come crawling back to you after every girl throws him in the dirt.

He Doesn’t Think You Are Both Compatible: Every girl has her checklist as to what her prospective boyfriend should be like and have, so is every guy. So if he doesn’t see any or some of these traits in you, it’s impossible for him to look your way.

These are some of the reasons and there are many more reasons why a guy may never notice you no matter how much you try to make him do. So rather than beat up yourself and become miserable, after all much is said and done and he’s still not respondent to you, please move on with your life. You are not obligated to put your life on a hold for any guy.

Credit: Ima Effiong

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