Reason why Ginimbi let his father to suffer in poverty while he had millions

Reason why Ginimbi let his father to suffer in poverty while he had millions

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Ginimbi, the Zimbabwean socialite who was laid to rest over the weekend lived his life to the fullest. He had a fleet of plush cars and lived in a luxurious mansion.

There are many concerns raised about the lifestyle of Ginimbi’s biological father.

Reports suggested that he lived in a very small house and barely survives. From what we garnered from Zim Media houses, the father and son were not in a very good relationship.

So that begs the question, why would Ginimbi stay in a lavish mansion and live an expensive lifestyle without taking a look back at his dad?

According to Ginimbi, their mother took care of them after their father abandoned them.

Due to the father’s absence, he took the hustle upon himself at the age of 17. He was able to provide for the family until his mother died. Sources also have it that his father never attended his mother’s burial.

His father said, Ginimbi never visited him for once however he always heard that he had been helping the street and people say his son is currently rich and highly adored.

Hardship at the tender age pushed him to hustle the tender age without his dad. He did it by himself and his dad doesn’t have a share in his wealth. This explains why Ginimbi never talked about his poor father who abandoned him while he was a child.

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