Photos: World’s Richest Man, Jeff Bezos Flaunts His Affair With Mistress, Lauren Sanchez

Photos: World’s Richest Man, Jeff Bezos Flaunts His Affair With Mistress, Lauren Sanchez

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Newly released photos show Jeff Bezos and Lauren Sanchez looking loved up during dinner together in Los Angeles last year. The photos, which were taken on October 30, show Bezos and Sanchez staring intently to each other’s eyes and laughing together. A source said the couple were snapped while dining with a male and female companion at the Capo Restaurant in Santa Monica.

The party of four took a ‘discreet corner table’ near the kitchen of the pricey Italian restaurant, staying for three hours. But their table selection was as subtle as Sanchez and Bezos got as they took seats next to each other and reportedly paid little attention to their companions. ‘They seemed to be in their own world,’ the source told the National Enquirer. ‘Bezos and Sanchez barely spoke to their two companions all night.’ The source said Bezos was close to Sanchez ‘from the beginning, laughing and joking and whispering to her’. ‘She was gazing into his eyes throughout the first part of the evening as they sat next to each other,’ they added. ‘It did not look like a business dinner, and he barely spoke to the male companion all evening.’ The pair reportedly spent the night gazing into each other’s eyes and ‘tenderly touched each other’. 

They were seen stroking and brushing each other’s shoulders and Sanchez even rested her hand on Bezos’ knee under the table, the source claimed. When Sanchez swapped seats with the female companion, who had been sitting across from her, Bezos ‘moved his chair to be even closer to Lauren’, they added. ‘He began whispering in her ear, and she was listening and gazing at him. Then she began whispering in his ear, fully leaning their bodies into each other, with his arm draped over her chair as he was speaking.’
The foursome left the restaurant at 10pm, but the party apparently wasn’t over for Bezos and Sanchez. Sanchez was seen leaving Bezos’ Los Angeles mansion at 10am the next morning, according to the source. The photos were taken three months before Bezos publicly announced he was splitting from wife Mackenzie.


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