Nanny caught slapping baby after suspicious parents installed hidden cameras (Photos)

Nanny caught slapping baby after suspicious parents installed hidden cameras (Photos)

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A nanny was caught slapping a baby after the child’s suspicious parents installed hidden cameras.

Nadia Shapoval, 54, was supposed to be caring for the infant at a home in Istanbul, Turkey.

The parents, a 37-year-old businessman named only as S.E. and his wife M.T.E, started to notice bruises on the child’s body.

Suspecting Shapoval, the parents hid cameras around their home to see whether she was causing the baby’s injuries.

Watching the footage, they saw Shapoval, from the Ukraine, shoving the child roughly into a high chair before delivering a slap across the face.

However, in the time between installing the cameras and watching the tapes, M.T.E. had fired Shapoval over other problems with her behaviour.

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On finding that she had been assaulting their child, the couple filed a police complaint against Shapoval, whose whereabouts were by then unknown.

A neighbour told S.E. that Shapoval had spoken of a friend in Marmaris in south-western Turkey.

The father then drove the 448 miles there and asked local police for their help.

With S.E., police found Shapoval walking alone in the city’s Tepe quarter.

Seeing her former employer, Shapoval broke down in tears.

She was taken to Sehit Nedip Eker Police Station, where she refused to talk to officers.

Police did not report what she had been charged with but said she would come before a court in due course.

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