I mistakenly infected my girlfriend with gonorrhea – Man seeks advice

I mistakenly infected my girlfriend with gonorrhea – Man seeks advice

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A Nigerian man has made a confession on how he infected his girlfriend with gonorrhea, though unintentionally.

According to the man, who confessed on a popular Nigerian forum, but wanted to stay anonymous, he had a fling with a new girl and had sex with his girlfriend some few days after then.

Now he is seeking for help on how to tell his girlfriend and also help her with treatments.

Read his story:

Hello folks. I’m at a dilemma right now.
Had to create a new moniker. Pretty popular here.

I’ve been with my girlfriend for a few months now. A girl everyone would want to have, but I’ve goofed… Big time.
I had a random fling with a girl I met sometime at an eatery, and as we were ******* the condom tore, and I just proceeded like that, throwing caution to the wind.

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After a few days, my GF came, and we had unprotected sex. Amazing stuff and all.

A day or two later, I noticed discharge from my manhood: which meant only one thing; I had contacted gonorrhea. I went for tests, and It was confirmed. I was given antibiotics and 3 shots of injections, and everything was back to normality.

I’m feeling guilty as of now, and don’t know how to tell her she’s contacted the infection.

I’d appreciate any advice on how to go forward with this.
No bashing please. Thank you

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