Gov Emmanuel Restates Need For Diversification

Gov Emmanuel Restates Need For Diversification

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Akwa Ibom State Governor, Mr. Udom Emmanuel has reiterated his call for an urgent diversification of the nation’s economy, arguing that that the signs that Nigeria is taking its first step towards genuine development will be her ability to feed its citizens.

“We need hope. Once we have hope and we know that we are not going to stay where we are forever, then we begin to make the change. There’s a desire that here is where we are going,” the General Superintendent of Deeper Christian Life Church, Pastor William Kumuyi.

The governor who argued that the only thing that grows a nation is righteousness, said that he devotes more time to pray for Nigeria than he does for his children.


Extolling the virtues of Pastor Kumuyi, he said Nigerians do not appreciate what God has endowed them with. He stressed that if they do, they would appreciate the noble roles of men of God, who very often fill the gap through prayers to keep the nation united and in one piece.

Emmanuel said he had anchored his gubernatorial campaigns on five key policy objectives and agenda that will actually promote agriculture because, according to him, Akwa Ibom is a blessed state in terms of agriculture.

“I think the current economic situation calls for a rethink so that we can now walk the talk of diversification of our economy. I just want to let you know that there’s no developed nation in the world today that cannot feed its citizens.

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If I can draw my analogy from there, you could see that God did not actually move to do anything until He found something for man to eat (Adam) in the Garden of Eden. So you could see the same thing is being followed by all developed nations. I just believe today that there’s so much we can get out of the land,” he stated.

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