Common Eating Habits You Should Change For Better Health

Food is one of the things that are important for our existence in life, we all need food everyday as hunger can drive a good man crazy.


But, as a result of lack of awareness, laziness and apathy most people eat in unhealthy ways thereby harming themselves. Today, we have some diet habits that people need to change for better heath and well-being.


Eating out: “This is not a wise thing to do as restaurant kitchens are often dirty and both the quantity and quality of oil is undesirable”.

Not eating breakfast: “Some people really enjoy their sleep that when they wake up – the unhappy realization of being back in the real world makes them do most things half heartedly and this often leads to people skipping breakfast which is extremely unhealthy since breakfast is the most important meal of the day and not eating it will lead to lower levels of alertness and fatigue through the day”.

Not eating enough fruits and vegetables: “A lot of people look at food as a means of survival, and eat to fill their stomach so that they don’t feel hungry but our body is like a machine and it uses food as its fuel so if we eat unhealthy food, we are only making it difficult for the machine to work properly”. Fruits and vegetables are extremely good for the body.

Adding too much salt: “Salt has sodium which raises your blood pressure and can lead to hypertension which in turn can cause several problems for your body and also eating too much sodium can cause water retention, and in some cases dehydration and if your body isn’t well hydrated, the extra sodium will take water from your cells leading to a host of difficulties like nausea, stomach cramps, etc”.

Adding too much sugar: “People with a sweet tooth really need to take a long look at their habits, adding too much sugar in your diet, will not only lead to weight gain, it will also play havoc with your blood sugar levels and could ultimately lead to diabetes and another reason for you to not add too much sugar in your diet is that it reduces your body’s immunity, thus making you more susceptible to infections”.

Eating while walking or working: “You have a deadline to meet and a train to catch, it would be better if you just grab some fast food and eat it on the way to office, right? But this is wrong”. “Research has shown that you tend to overeat when you are focusing on other activities”.

Eating too quickly: “Time is money, and a second wasted may be money lost but what will you do with the money if you don’t have the health to enjoy it?”. “Eating slowly generates saliva and helps in breaking down the food which is good for your oral health and also helps your digestion and eating slowly will enhance the pleasure of eating and make you appreciate the flavors better”.

Drinking tea/coffee on an empty stomach: “A lot of people start their day with a cup of tea or coffee but, it’s not healthy as these beverages make you secrete gastric acid which can lead to ulcers, so make sure you have your tea/coffee after eating your breakfast, in fact, if taken at the right time both tea and coffee can be healthy for you”.

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