8 questions about sex we’re too embarrassed to ask

8 questions about sex we’re too embarrassed to ask

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Sex is a normal act between two adults, especially married couples. However, in our community we often see sex discussion as inappropriate.

Here are some of the burning (no pun intended) and most embarrassing sex questions most people are too afraid to ask, along with their answers.

1. I noticed some bumps on my boyfriend’s penis. Are they normal, or should I be worried?

Like women, men can develop fibrous lumps (excess tissue) down below. Bumps also can signal an allergic reaction, possibly to latex or the clothing detergent he uses. Either way, it’s a good idea to ask your man to talk to his doc about anything that may appear weird (lumps can be a sign of a sexually transmitted infection).

2. I love having sex with my partner, but his penis is very small. Does size matter?

Size shouldn’t matter. What counts is whether you’re satisfied with the sex you and your partner have. Many men make up for their size limitations by outperforming their larger-than-life peers in other erotic areas (foreplay, oral sex, etc.).

If your partner is concerned about the size of his penis, be sure to stroke his sexual ego. Compliment him on the ways he performs, but remember not to over talk the issue. This could cause you to ramble or say something that could be inadvertently hurtful.

3. I have no problem getting naturally lubricated for sex, but during it, I feel like my vagina “loosens.” Is there something I can do to make it feel tighter?

Like any other muscle in your body, your vagina needs exercise to stay “tight.” That’s especially true as we age. One of the best things you can do now are Kegel exercises. These little squeezes not only improve the strength of your vaginal walls, but they also strengthen your pelvic floor.

As a bonus, you’ll have stronger orgasms. So how do you do them? Sit down and squeeze your vaginal muscles – as though you’re holding in urine – and repeat the action several times over. Can’t be bothered to do that? Then use Ben Wa Balls. All you have to do is insert the balls and move around. They will do the rest of the work for you!

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Sex Pee

4. “I sometimes feel like I’m about to pee while having sex. Is that possible?!”

Not really! It is possible to sometimes leak a bit of fluid if your bladder is extremely full, but this is more likely to happen when you have an orgasm, in the form of female ejaculation. So while you might often feel the urge to pee while having sex, that’s actually a good thing. It means that your G-spot is being hit in the right way and you’re more likely to orgasm soon!

5. My partner likes to watch porn to get aroused. When – if ever – should I be worried?

Watching porn can be a normal and healthy part of a sexual relationship, as long as your partner is caring and respectful of your sexual boundaries. Alarm bells should start ringing if he/she starts requesting you to perform “moves” or “acts” that make you feel disrespected or uncomfortable.

Porn also can be a problem if it starts to take over a person’s life, or if he starts spending all of his downtime watching it online. Talk to your partner about how you’re feeling and work together to ensure you’re both comfortable and satisfied with your sex life.

6. My partner and I have been together for several years, and I’m no longer sexually satisfied. Are we doomed?

Problems in the bedroom can be a sign that something else is wrong in your relationship. Have the two of you been spending more day-to-day time apart than together? Are you both extra stressed? Have you been neglecting date nights or the little things that make you feel special and loved? How have you been communicating?

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Before writing off your relationship entirely, talk to your partner about your declining level of sexual satisfaction. From there, work together to figure out how to spice things up. Go back to basics if you have to and relearn what makes each other tick. Masturbate. Lie in bed and caress your partner’s body. Talk about your fantasies. Delving deeper into your relationship – emotionally and sexually – should up the wow factor in the bedroom.

7. “I have a hard time getting wet during sex. Is there something wrong with me?”

There could be many issues that are preventing you from getting naturally wet down there during sexual intercourse. Is there something worrying or stressing you out? Anxiety is one of the big reasons you may not be as lubricated down there, even though you do feel aroused. Alternatively, if you’re going through a hard time emotionally that could be preventing you from getting aroused too. Perfumed soaps, using vaginal sprays or soaps and tight fitting clothing can all aggravate dryness. Don’t worry about it, it’s normal and happens to a lot of women – just invest in a good quality water-based lubricant – and you’re sorted!

8. “My vagina makes funny fart like sounds during and after sex! It’s so embarrassing. What should I do?”

You have nothing to be embarrassed or worried about! This fart like sound (also referred to as a “queef”) is simply air trapped in your vagina trying to escape. It is absolutely normal. The in and out thrusting motion of your guy’s penis during sex causes air to enter your vagina, filling the inner part of your vagina that expands during sex with air. It escapes, making that sounds if there is a definitive change in position or when you orgasm!

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