7 Reasons She Is Rejecting You

 7 Reasons She Is Rejecting You

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So there is this girl you have been eyeing for a very long time and you finally summon the courage to ask her out and then she rejects you and you keep wondering why even with all the right words you think you used, well most guys have  been there before and there are several reasons for her rejection.

Being rejected is not funny most especially when it took you almost eternity to ask her out, even with the world advancing everyday in this part of the world men are still expected to make the first move on women which is why you need to learn some major reasons why women reject men and how to avoid been rejected.

Bad presentation: Supreme hygiene is very important in anything you do in this life, so the first thing women notice in a guy within 10 seconds is how clean and well maintained he looks which will make them make the first decision. First impressions begin with your appearance so be sure your hygiene is on top notch, make sure you look fresh and smell nice as body odour will make her run fast from you.

Sounding too desperate: Lack of confidence is a total turn-off for ladies which will lead to rejection, no lady wants to date a man who is desperate and confidence. So when asking a girl out, try not be nervous and desperate or else you will give her the chance to reject you.

You lack of ambition: Everyone likes people are sucess driven and have ambition, if you are the type that sounds or talk  like you have no purpose in life or not sucess driven it is a way you will be rejected. Having a good prospect and direction for your life is a good indication that you are serious with your life and will be able to take care of your woman. “Women prefer guys who are financially independent to broke guys who are constantly relying on other people, they will never turn a guy down because he is too rich but will reject a man for being poor”

You Are Boring: No woman likes a man who is boring, if you approach a woman and you start blabbing without knowing what to say you are definitely getting a NO for an answer. You should be able to hold an interesting conversation with a woman before she can even think of giving you a chance. When approaching a woman be original and interesting and you will get a nice reply.

You have annoying habits: When you have habits like picking your nose, bitting your nails, eating carelessly etc can definitely get you a no answer because those habits can be very annoying even to everybody.

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You are too pushy

You are too outspoken

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