4 Signs You And Your Partner Are Ready For Marriage

4 Signs You And Your Partner Are Ready For Marriage

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Those special weeks and months between being engaged and getting married are very important. This is when you both have to be absolutely sure you’re doing the right thing.

If you want to know that you and your beau are really ready for marriage? Consider these signs.

1. You’ve had important conversations

The both of you have discussed such issues that will affect your union such as money, kids, your life goals, marriage expectations and so on. These are issues that need to be discussed beforehand. Or how else will you know if you’re really on the same page?

2. You have made plans

This is not the time to spend every waking moment obsessing about only your wedding. One sign you’re ready for marriage is if you and your partner have made actual post-wedding plans. You’ve discussed what those first few months will be like, if you will be trying for a baby immediately and so on.

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3. You can talk to each other

A successful marriage cannot happen if both partners do not know how to express themselves to one another. You should have no problem communicating your feelings, needs and whatever else is on your mind.

4. You are capable of making big decisions together

Apart from talking to each other, one sign you’re ready for marriage is if you can both come together to solve problems and make big decisions. If you’re in a dilemma of some sort or are about to do something life-changing, you should be able to seek your partner’s opinion. In fact, this part should come naturally to you. Because, to make a marriage work, each partner shouldn’t make big plans and decisions on their own.

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