Only 20% of policemen actively working, says AIG

Only 20% of policemen actively working, says AIG

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The Police Force Headquarters has launched an investigation into its personnel’s attitude to work.

The probe it was gathered was aimed at solving the problems of lazy, unprofessional and mischievous policemen in the system.

The Assistant Inspector-General of Police, Zone 5, Mr. Rasheed Akintunde, said in Yenagoa, Bayelsa State, yesterday that a study by the police headquarters indicated that only slightly above 20 per cent of the policemen in the country were active and working,The Nation reports.

He said that the police introduced measures to ensure that the other 80 per cent complement the hardwork of the active personnel for effective policing in the country.


He said:

“The funniest thing is that only 20 per cent of the police personnel are the ones working, the rest are just there.

“Talking about 20 per cent working; if you look at it well, every ‘big man’ wants his own security, they want 30 men to secure them instead of supporting the whole community by saying we should give resources for police to do the work so that the environment will be secured. They only want security for themselves.

“Even religious leaders want personal security. So after all that, we find that it’s only 20 per cent remaining to guard other places. Even for government’s commission too, they can load 20 units for it whereas they need only seven, so that’s why the 20 per cent comes in.

“That is why when a DPO visits a station, he identifies those people and starts using them. You go to the Area Command, it is the same thing, the CP, it is the same.”

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