Welcome to the Future! P!NG NAIJALOG Awards! 2013 is just around corner and the power is in your hands to do and undo! 

The PNA is a youth awards, which seeks to reward deserving Nigerian students,Youths and Nigerians who have done tremendously well in their academic work, created buzz on campus, shined in their endeavors and thus contributed to the development of Nigeria and its future!
Pre-ceremony and the awards proper are slated to hold May/June 2013! in Lagos Nigeria!
Nominations are currently been solicited  from different universities across the world! The nominee must be a Nigerian citizen.
The PNA themed “Break All Bounds No Limits” will be a night to remember, as it will be filled with pomp and glitz. Fingers crossed, mouths sealed for now, but definitely the whole process is picking momentum.
Help choose who deserves the very best!
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